Racing drivers take their lives into their hands when they strap into their cars, but they usually don't have passengers to share the risk with them.

Rob ten Herkel was reportedly giving a family member a ride when his BMW 130i skidded and slammed into a wall at Circuit Park Zandvoort in Zandvoort, Netherlands, according to Speed.

As the car was coming around a turn, its back end stepped out, sending the nose into the wall. The BMW hit with such force that it flipped onto its roof and slid across the track, flipping over again and coming to rest on its wheels.

Herkel and his passenger were able to get out of the car on their own, but were taken to a hospital nonetheless. They were reportedly uninjured.

That's pretty remarkable considering the severity of the crash; at one point the car was pointed straight up in the air before landing in the 2.676-mile circuit's gravel pit. However, the 130i was equipped with a roll cage and both occupants appeared to be wearing helmets and head-and-necks restraints, or HANS.


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