The 2014 Detroit Auto Show is just over a month away, and Audi is planning something special: a concept so new it doesn't even have a name yet. It's just referred to as "the new Audi show car."

So what is this beast? It's a crossover, but it only has two doors. It's sporty and intended for spirited driving, but it's also okay off-road. It's everything to everyone, apparently.

While that's a nice idea, the reality of such compromised design often comes out as the least of all worlds, rather than the most--but we have faith in Audi's crossover capabilities, should this presage the new Q1 in some way. The Q3, Q5, and Q7 all have a lot going for them, after all.

Of course, Audi did just tease the new Q1 crossover in another, rather different, design image three days ago. We'll know more in five weeks.

This concept packs its multi-function attitude into 13.78 feet of overall length, on top of 19-inch wheels, and under a somewhat coupe-like roofline.

There are even styling details borrowed from the e-tron line electric concept cars, including ribs in the grille and side air inlets, while the quattro design language comes through in the dual headlights, honeycomb grille element, and wide, powerful stance.

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The new Audi show car

The new Audi show car