It has been a hectic few months for the Morgan Motor Company, but the company's boss, Steve Morris, says he's keen to move on from recent events and plan the company's future. Fans and the media alike were left shocked by last month's revelation that Charles Morgan, grandson of the company's founder, had been dismissed from Morgan's board of directors.

At first, the reasoning behind the surprise firing wasn't clear, but Morgan later released a statement outlining the four counts of misconduct behind his dismissal. These included Mr. Morgan's posing as chairman despite not holding the position; supporting the Oak Racing Le Mans team without board approval; announcing to Morgan owners that a new 3-Wheeler would be on the way; and taking television fees for two appearances without seeking approval.

Charles Morgan appealed the decision a couple of weeks ago, but that appeal was subsequently rejected by the Morgan Technologies board. Mr. Morgan later released a statement to fans, workers and the public, thanking them for their support.

That public support has now left Morris in a difficult and uncomfortable position, with many owners and fans alike worried for the future of the 103-year old company. Morris told Autocar the whole affair "has been very difficult", but believes it's in everyone's interest "that we continue to operate [Morgan] as efficiently as possible."

That means the expansion and modernization plans favored by Charles Morgan probably aren't on the agenda. There are no plans for new models, nor plans for expansion just yet. "We don’t need massive growth and we don’t want to overstretch the company" he said.

While the company is currently enjoying good profitability--$1.9 million in the first six months of 2013--many will still feel the loss of such a prominent figurehead--and apparent lack of vision in the company's future plans--might cause Morgan some problems further down the road.


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