Racing drivers have to deal with all kinds of dangerous situations.

Situations like looking over to the passenger's side and realizing it's occupied by the left-front wheel of another car. Hooniverse posted a video of this unusual occurrence.

They say "rubbin' is racin'," but what does that make this?

This bizarre mash-up occurred during a 24 Hours of LeMons race. From the in-car video, it's hard to tell exactly how one car ended up mounting another; the culprit apparently tried to cut between the victim and another car further to the right. No injuries were reported.

LeMons is a series of amateur racing events for cars costing less than $500. It's known for themed cars, destruction, and general zaniness.

It seems fitting that such an odd crash would occur at LeMons. Think of it as the series' equivalent of Ralf Schumacher's crash at the start of the 2002 Australian Grand Prix.

The LeMons driver doesn't have time to even notice the unexpected passenger. Not surprisingly, the two cars spin out almost immediately after coming into contact, taking out a few others in the process.

It just goes to show that, on the track, it pays to expect the unexpected.


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