Prepare for the most epic watch commercial you've ever seen.

In 1934, the Mercedes-Benz W 25 -- one of the legendary "Silver Arrow" grand prix racers -- set a course record at the Klausen Hill Climb.

This year, Mercedes and watch maker IWC decided to bring it back for another try.

With a little commentary from Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton, mechanics (this car is from an age when men were men and the word "technician" hadn't been invented) prepare the W 25 for one last assault on the Swiss Alpine course.

The imagery juxtaposes the fine craftsmanship that goes into both car and watch, but there's probably never been a timepiece that sounds like a supercharged inline-eight at full throttle.

Unleashed on the course, the W 25 is a hellish mix of whining supercharger and bellowing combustion. It's hard to believe that all of that noise is coming from such a dainty-looking car.

It's also hard to believe that someone was crazy enough to drive said car to a top speed of 197 mph, setting a one-mile distance record of 30.71 seconds in 1934.

The W 25 and other prewar race cars from Mercedes and Auto Union were collectively known as the Silver Arrows, because of their bare aluminum bodywork.

They were among the most advanced cars of their time and are still prized by collectors today.


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