What better way to demonstrate four new all-wheel-drive performance cars than a trip through the Alps?

Audi is kicking off its Land of quattro Alpen Tour, a 2,759-mile trip between Klagenfurt, Austria and Monaco on September 23. The tour will give the company a chance to show off its four newest RS performance models.

Participants will drive through six countries over 44 Alpine passes which, as Audi notes in its press release, is appropriate considering that they will be driving four cars with four-wheel drive.

The four new cars Audi is highlighting on the Alpen Tour are the RS5 Cabriolet, RS6 Avant, RS7, and RS Q3. Each seems like the perfect choice for an Alpine drive.

Audi will be posting Alpen Tour updates on Twitter under the hashtag #AudiAT2013. If someone drives one of those pricy performance cars off a cliff, the world will know.

Audi previously held Land of quattro Tours in the United States, Europe, and China.

In addition to making those who weren't invited very jealous, the Alpen Tour will help Audi show off the breadth of its RS performance line.

There are now eight models in the RS lineup, the most Audi has ever had at one time. The range has probably never been this diverse, either: In addition to the normal sedans, coupes, wagons, and convertibles, there's now a crossover (the RS Q3) and the RS7.


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