Testing on the Nürburgring is often made to seem like the whole enchilada when it comes to developing a "proper" sports car, and  the long, arduous circuit certainly does help to suss out a car's handling issues in a relatively contained environment. Ultimately, however, it takes something more than just going there and driving around a bit to develop a world-class chassis setup.

That's why Hyundai has built its own testing center at the 'Ring, providing it a full-time base of operations to develop and improve its vehicles.

Hyundai's Nürburgring project was launched last summer, taking 15 months to reach completion, though the first step of its construction at the famed circuit was completed back in May.

With nearly 39,000 square feet of space, the new Hyundai European Test Centre promses to offer plenty of room for present and future operations, including a full workshop where cars can be assessed on track, then quickly modified to test the effects of changes in setup and tune.

We certainly hope Hyundai's new Nürburgring test center pays dividends in real-world performance, as the brand has made incredible strides in nearly every other area of its car development in the past 10 years, providing vehicles that deliver design and quality well above their price points. Handling, however, has remained lacking. Perhaps this is just what the brand truly needs to reach the next level of car development.