Crashes are a part of racing. It's not a desirable part, but it is something that every driver understands could happen at pretty much anytime. Being prepared for such an occurrence is a necessary precaution. This means everything from protective clothing, the appropriate racing harness and roll cage, and also understanding how to quickly exit a vehicle should the need arise. Most often, however, the occupants are well protected from incidents. It's what can happen after the crash though that puts bad thoughts in the back of our mind.

This video is a perfect example of what we're talking about.


During what looks to be a circle track race, a car winds up on its side. The driver appears fine but he's asking to get the car quickly turned over, and the reason for this becomes apparent very quickly. Fuel begins dripping and leaking into the cabin of the car, and the camera is capturing it all. This is scary, and you can probably guess what's coming. As the safety workers start to flip the car back onto its wheels, the fuel ignites and incredibly quickly turns into a raging inferno... all while the driver is just getting started on extracting himself from the harness and the car.

It's a truly terrifying sight. According to Bangshift, the driver made it out of the fire without being burned too badly. This video shows racecar drivers exactly why they wear the equipment that's required, and it's also a good clip for safety workers to watch as well.


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