Infiniti is on the hunt for two very talented graduate engineers to sign up for a new training program that will see the duo work on projects for the Red Bull Racing Formula One team as well as Infiniti’s road car division. The automaker hopes the program generates mutual benefits on the track and the road, as well as help motivate a new generation of budding engineers.

The graduates will work alongside Infiniti engineers already based at Red Bull Racing's headquarters in Milton Keynes, U.K. In addition, they will spend time at Infiniti’s nearby technical center in Cranfield, where they will intensify their knowledge of future road car technologies.

Recruitment will open later this year and is expected to see thousands of hopefuls sign up. National selections across several global regions will begin in May of next year, putting applicants through a comprehensive selection process to assess their performance potential and innovative thinking. Finalists will present their ideas to a panel of senior technical figures from Infiniti and Red Bull Racing, with the two winners to be announced at the 2014 British Grand Prix in July.

The placements will begin in September of next year. Some of the benefits include a salary, accommodation, and the use of a company car. The winners will probably also get to meet Sebastian Vettel, who has been named director of performance at Infiniti and has already been in the lab helping to fine-tune some of Infiniti’s upcoming cars.


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