Many automakers offer performance driver training for customers eager to learn the ins and outs of their vehicles and how to make the most of their performance, whether on the road or at a track. Aston Martin is taking it a step further by introducing a new training program aimed specifically at budding racing drivers.

Aston Martin Racing, the official motorsport arm of the British automaker, has launched a new driver training program that turns complete novices into racing drivers with a recognized license to compete in championships both in the U.K. and overseas.

The comprehensive course can be completed in a matter of weeks and sees participants receive a National B racing license. It covers everything including track sessions, the supply of a Vantage GT4 race car, racing suits and helmets, and the all-important insurance coverage.

Unfortunately,  the program is currently being offered in the U.K. only. If you’re interested, contact Aston Martin Racing today. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be strapped into a Vantage GTE and competing as an Aston Martin works driver at Le Mans next year.


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