While Volvo's range of vehicles does get a range of minor dress-up updates for 2014, the bulk of the range remains essentially the same as last year.

Accordingly, the pricing remains much the same as last year, with the 2014 S60's base price rising $500, from $31,900 to $32,400, to cover the updates. The S60 T6 R-Design starts from $42,700.

The changes that do come for the 2014 lineup are mostly focused on design updates. The 2014 S60 gets a redesigned front end, including a new hood, fenders, and nose; new LED tail lights and integrated exhaust pipes update the rear. The XC60 also gets an all-new front end and a $500 price increase to $34,850. Volvo's XC70 gets a new grille, updated front and rear trim, and a new tail light design. The 2014 XC70's price rises by $900 to $34,500. The XC90 gets no visual updates for 2014, and starts from the same price as last year at $39,700.

Volvo's S80 sedan gets a new front fascia and grille, new LED daytime running lights, and a new tail light design with LED graphics, plus a redesigned rear bumper. Pricing is up $800 to $39,900.

A new TFT instrument cluster display available in some models offers a choice of three different appearance themes, with different information highlighted for each. The "Elegance" mode yields a traditional look with a circular speedometer and secondary displays; the "Eco" mode gives a green background and an Eco meter; the "Performance" mode gets a red background and a central tachometer, with a digital speed readout, as well as a power meter.

Paddle shifters are also now available on T5 models, and standard on T6 AWD and R Design models, allowing manual gear selection with both hands on the wheel. The new shifters, combined with Advanced Quick Shift software, cut 0.2 seconds from the S60 T6 R-Design's 0-60 mph time, now at 5.3 seconds. The XC60 T6 R-Design gains 0.4 seconds, hitting 60 in 6.2 seconds for the 2014 model year.

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2014 Volvo Lineup Pricing








S60 T5


S60T5 Premier


S60T5 Premier Plus


S60T5 Platinum


S60 T6 AWD


S60 T6 Premier Plus


S60 T6 Platinum


S60 T6 R-Design AWD


S60 T6 RD Platinum






S80 3.2 FWD


S80 3.2 Premier Plus


S80 3.2 Platinum


S80 T6 AWD


S80 T6 Premier Plus


S80 T6 Platinum






XC70 3.2 FWD


XC70 3.2 Premier


XC70 3.2 Premier Plus


XC70 3.2 Platinum




XC70 T6 Premier Plus


XC70 T6 Platinum






XC60 3.2 FWD


XC60 3.2 Premier


XC60 3.2 Premier Plus


XC60 3.2 Platinum


XC60 T6


XC60 T6 Premier Plus


XC60 T6 Platinum


XC60 T6 R-Design AWD


XC60 T6 RD Premier Plus


XC60 T6 RD Platinum






XC90 3.2 FWD


XC90 3.2 Premier Plus


XC90 3.2 Platinum


XC90 3.2 R-Design FWD


XC90 3.2 RD Platinum