Mercedes-Benz plans to unveil a new luxury yacht concept at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show taking place in September. Called the Silver Arrow Of The Seas, a name derived from the automaker’s long history of grand prix race cars, the new luxury yacht was penned by the automaker’s own design team but is being built by British firm Silver Arrow Marine.

It measures in at 46 feet and promises to deliver innovative versatility and intelligent use of space. Its designers claim it is suitable for day excursions but it also contains sleeping quarters should guests wish to spend the night onboard.

World Car Fans points out that an earlier yacht concept was presented by Mercedes-Benz at the automaker’s own design event held in Montenegro.

There’s no word on what power source will feature in the new Silver Arrow Of The Seas, but designers claim the yacht will be respectful of the sea. This means we’re unlikely to see the insane 2,000-horsepower motors used by the range of Cigarette Racing yachts developed with Mercedes-Benz performance partner AMG.

We should see the reveal happen in the coming weeks.


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