Say sayonara to the Infiniti EX and the QX56. They're not dead or anything, they've just legally changed their names. It's the era of Q that is about to dawn for Infiniti, and the EX37 will become the QX50. The QX56 will become the QX80.

Why? There are all sorts of marketing reasons behind this, we're sure, but we still prefer the old Infiniti naming structure. Oh well, we don't sell the cars, we just write about them. If you do want to buy one though, we can tell you how much they'll cost because Infiniti has released pricing information for both vehicles.

The QX50 comes in four flavors. There's the base version, an all-wheel-drive version, and then a Journey trim for both the rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive variants. A entry-level QX50 will run you $35,395 and the standard all-wheel-drive version costs $36,796. For some more features, the rear-wheel-drive Journey starts at $37,745 while the all-wheel-drive Journey costs $39,145.

All four versions come equipped with a 325-horsepower 3.7-liter V-6 engine that's paired with a seven-speed automatic gearbox. These prices represent a $2,500 drop compared to the 2013 models, and there have been no updates other than the badging to reflect the model name change.

Should you desire more room and power, the QX80 is what you'll need. Here we only have to deal with two different versions; the rear-wheel-driver and the all-wheel variant. For rear pushers, the starting price is $62,345. Those seeking four-wheel motion need to shell out at least $64,445. This 5.6-liter V-8-powered behemoth is unchanged from the prior model year minus the badging.

Infiniti has already released the pricing information for the rest of the family. The Q50 starts at just over $37,000, while the QX60 and QX70 (*cough* JX35 and FX50 *cough*) both start in the mid to low $40,000 range.

All prices shown include a $995 destination and handling charge.


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