Alfa Romeo will debut the 4C at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed, but it's another part of their lineup that should catch a lot of attention, however, because the Italian automaker plans to show up with a slate of historic vehicles. If words like prototipo, Stradale, and Alfetta get you excited, you're in for a treat here. Alfa Romeo is bringing the following:

  • 1938 8C 2900B Speciale tipo “Le Mans”    
  • 1951 Gran Premio Tipo 159 “Alfetta”                          
  • 1954 2000 Sportiva        
  • 1967 33 Stradale prototipo                            
  • 1970 1750 GT Am                           
  • 1975 33 TT 12

Each vehicle holds a special place in the heart of an Alfa Romeo fan. From Le Mans to Formula One, these machines competed in some of the greatest races the world has ever seen. Now these older machines will be used to cast a spotlight on the brand's newest member.

The 4C is a gorgeous machine, but it will have to be looking its best if it wishes to stand out from this assembled Alfa crowd. Additionally, it won't be able to match the growl made by those historic rides. Everything from inline four and eight-cylinder twin cams up to the flat 12 of the 500-horsepower 33 TT 12 will be competing for the aural pleasure of passers by.

Still, the 240-horsepower four-cylinder of the 4C should produce quite a wail of its own. It will certainly provide the last page in the visual and auditory history lesson taking Goodwood goers on a journey from Alfa Romeo's past to its present.


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