The Global Rallycross series is currently on its way to Loudon, New Hampshire after spending a few weeks overseas. The series has several races to take care of stateside before jetting back to Europe for a battle in Germany, but apparently there's a U.S. city feeling a bit left out, and it would like a date on that schedule. Detroit wants to host a GRC event, and it took to the streets of the city to make its case.

The Ford Fiesta ST has become a potent weapon in the series, helping Ford to a massive lead in the manufacturers' points standing. So it should be no surprise that the Ford ST was used as the vehicle of choice to highlight a run through the Detroit area. There's the standard disclaimer of "Closed Course/Pro Driver/Yadda Yadda" before we're treated to a video of a person manhandling the racecar through the city.

Starting atop Cobo Hall, the Fiesta ST is thrown through the streets of Detroit in a bid to highlight why the city would make a great stop along the GRC route. It's a very well-shot clip that also highlights why the Fiesta ST GRC would be an absolute blast to pilot around an empty parking lot, never mind an entire city. There's no word on who the driver is, but it could be an in-house shoe such as Brian Deegan, Tanner Foust, or Toomas Heikkinen.


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