Crashing comes with racing. It happens to everyone and it can happen at anytime. One of the worst times for it to happen, however, is when you're just warming up.

That's exactly what happened to Adrian Newey during a recent Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo race at Silverstone. Introducing the nose of your car to the stubbornly hard wall is never a good idea, and doing so while warming up the tires is considerably less ideal.

Newey was prepping to get racing when out on the track and he needed to put some heat into his tires. Weaving back and forth led him to lose grip, and his Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo left the track. Newey went to a local hospital for a precautionary check-up but the 52-year-old Red Bull Formula One technical director was not injured in the crash.

This was Newey's first race since September, and it should provide a delightful talking point for his team drivers Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel back at Red Bull HQ. All joking aside though, it's great news to hear that he's not hurt and we hope his Lamborghini can be repaired for the next round of Super Trofeo racing.


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