It's name is Lola, T70 Spyder.
With a V-8 engine from Ford, and Weber carbs fumes fill the air.
The car will hustle, and run the circuit...

Sorry, when we think of vintage racecars, we tend to get a bit batty. Right now though, we're a bit jealous of pro wheelman Jim Pace. You see, Pace recently got to spend time with a truly legendary machine that hails from a truly legendary era of motorsports. We're talking about Can-Am, and we're talking about the Lola T70 Spyder.

Raced throughout the '60s, the T70 was the product of Lola Cars of Great Britain. Various T70s were campaigned to great success around the globe. Power came from a Chevrolet motor, and Aston Martin tried their hand at providing the power for the Lola-built chassis. The car driven in the video by Pace, however, benefits from the thrust provided by a Ford small block V8 and Weber carburetors.

The sound is simply intoxicating.

Pace pushes the Lola around Sebring International Raceway, and he isn't taking it easy on the vintage machine either. He's passing and hustling, and the result is a wonderful view of an amazing machine. This is a ride-along video you don't want to miss.

Thanks for the tip, Craig!


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