There are quite a few items you need to possess in order to muscle a Porsche 911 Cup Car around a racetrack. Especially when the track in question is the Nürburgring, and it's filled with a gaggle of other Porsche racecars all vying for position. What you'll need are quick reflexes, great vision, excellent stamina, and massive... gentlemanly bits. Clearly, American Porsche Junior driver Connor De Phillippi possess all of that.

Let's hop into the virtual shotgun seat with De Phillippi as he takes his Cup Car around The Green Hell. It's clear that this is no easy task right out of the gate, as the start is a jumble of cars and drivers jockeying for corner position. This means there's plenty of passing, and a few folks locking up the brakes as their lines are blown.

It's an exciting ride, and it's not just the track. The Porsche Cup Car is a wild machine designed to take down racetracks as quickly as possible. It's still a Porsche and it's still going to try and step out when it can. You can clearly see Connor working hard to keep the Porsche pointed in the right direction, which means the steering wheel gets quite a workout. Check out the video, and keep an eye on Connor as he works hard to rise up through the motorsports ranks.


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