Fernando Alonso is an extremely talented Formula One racecar driver. He's won two F1 championships with Renault, and was in fact the youngest driver ever to earn back to back championships. Alonso bounced around the next few years with a stint at McLaren, then back to Renault before finding a home with Ferrari. There's no question that he brings serious skills to any time for which he drives. He might just have a bit of pent up aggression too, judging by the account of photographer Jordi Martin.

Per the Spanish-language website Bekia, it appears that Alonso got quite aggressive with Mr. Martin. In fact, there's a photo that appears to show the F1 driver shoving the photographer. According to Martin, he was indeed shoved and the resulting push caused damage to his camera equipment to the tune of 6,000 euros.

Now, we're not here to say that anger and assault are ever/never the answer. Still, we feel a bit bad for both involved parties. Yes, it sucks for Jordi that his camera equipment has been hurt. We also feel bad for Alonso. He wasn't at a race track, he was at a hotel with his girlfriend. He was in town to prepare for his upcoming run at the Grand Prix of Spain.

It's easy to fall on both sides of the fence here. According to Martin, he simply wanted a picture of Alonso with his girlfriend. Still, we imagine getting cozy with a camera shoved in your face day in and day out has to wear on you. No, he shouldn't have shoved Martin... but maybe give the man some space when he's not at the track and in his race suit?


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