As SUVs and crossovers continue to prove profitable for many luxury carmakers, more brands with traditionally sedan-focused lineups are seeking to join the party. Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and, possibly Jaguar are among the next candidates for entry.

While we've expressed skepticism over the idea in the past, there's potentially quite a lot to be said for a Jaguar-styled Land Rover-based SUV or crossover, especially when Ian Callum is involved.

Now, it looks like Jaguar may have a name for its rumored venture into off-road territory. According to Piston Heads, both "Q-Type" and "XQ" were recently registered with the European Union's trademark agency.

Either name could fit with an existing Jaguar model, of course; the F-Type and XJ both provide a template.

Both potential names, however, are built around the Q. With Audi's Q-series and Infiniti's all-Q lineup, the Q-factor appears to be nearing eleven.

Mirroring the name, Jaguar now faces the task of creating and differentiating a crossover/SUV in an increasingly crowded market, a market not yet fully economically recovered.

The Jaguar crossover is expected to reach the market before 2015.