Imagine you're at a stoplight, and a Subaru WRX STI rolls up next to you, with the driver revving the engine. Seems normal right? What if when they revved the engine a duck call started coming from the car's engine bay? We know, try to contain your laughter.

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This Subaru WRX STI has what we are calling the duck call blow-off valve modification. While it could possibly star in The Quack And The Furious someday, we aren't sure a starring role in a movie is necessary. But there's no question this modification is beyond hilarious.

We've seen numerous ways people have modified their blow-off valves, but shoving a duck call into it is a completely new one to us.

Now the only question is: If you had this and it went off while on the highway, would a bunch of ducks start following you?

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Hat tip Aaron Bragman