Special-edition Ford Mustang fans, rejoice! If you remember back a few months, we told you about the upcoming Holman & Moody Tour de France special edition. Now it's finally ready and in production. According to Mustangs Daily, several cars are already being worked on, and the Holman & Moody team have gone ahead and announced pricing for the package as well.

Should you desire the red and gold pony car, you'll need to get your hands on a 2014 Mustang and then shell out at least another $9,896. This is for the basic Tour de France package, which nets you appearance, power, and handling upgrades. Additional items, such as Recaro seats and upgraded sway bars can also be thrown into the mix for a bit more cash.

It's nice to see a builder put out a special-edition car that's much more than some stickers and paint. The Holman & Moody Mustang celebrates the classic 1964 Mustang that ran in the Tour de France Automobile road rally. It truly pays homage to those original cars by incorporating upgrades to the suspension. The original cars had to handle the curving French road, and this modern interpretation should be able to do just the same.

It just does it with a new 5.0-liter V-8 and newer lines.


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