Which supercar is best? That's a common but complicated question. Is it the fastest? The quickest? The best-handling? The most well-rounded? The prettiest? The most visceral?

There's at least one answer to the question, however, and it's settled at the drag strip. Which supercar is best in the quarter mile?

When it comes down to the McLaren MP4-12C and the Ferrari 458 Italia, it looks like the answer is the McLaren--at least in the case of this trio of videos from Drag Times.

Consistenly blowing the doors off the 570-horsepower 458 Italia, the 616-horsepower MP4-12C uses its launch control and turbocharged low-rpm torque to walk down the strip.

While we haven't yet spent any time behind the wheel of the McLaren, we'd find it hard to believe that however fast it is, it's any more engaging or enthralling than the Ferrari.

But if it's even close, wow.