For decades, accident scene first responders had set protocols for removing victims trapped in the wreckage of an automobile. Whether the car was built by Kia or by Hummer, cutting off the roof was generally a matter of slicing through the A-pillars, followed by the B and C-pillars.

We’re over-simplifying things a bit, but each and every gasoline-engined car came apart in roughly the same manner. That’s not necessarily true with today’s hybrid vehicles and battery-electric vehicles, which introduce the added risk of high voltage into the crash scenario.

To minimize the risk to passengers and first responders, manufacturers of hybrids and battery-electric vehicles are working with fire and rescue departments to provide detailed, vehicle-specific training on disassembly and passenger extrication.

The above video, found on Wired (via Green Car Reports), shows the proper methods of safely disassembling a Tesla Model S sedan. If you have a passion for the battery-electric sport sedan, we’ll warn you that the video gets a bit hard to watch at about the 27:00 mark, when the passenger door is cut from the frame.

We’ll admit that the video is a bit on the long side, but it’s also a fascinating look at electric car construction (and deconstruction). If you need to give your brain a workout after battering it with the latest episode of “Dancing With The American Idol Stars Of Survivor,” it may prove to be just what you needed.