Owners of certain Mercedes-Benz models can now specify their cars with an illuminated version of the star on the center grille.

Available through Mercedes’ official accessories division, the lit star only works at certain times, and never when the car is being driven.

It’s designed to illuminate when the car is unlocked, its doors or trunk opened, or when the engine is turned off. It then stays on for 15 seconds unless triggered again.

You’ll note that many cars already have lights that switch on during these situations.

This video, dug up by the guys at World Car Fans, shows the system in action.

Currently, the special star is only available for the M Class and GL Class SUVs, though Mercedes plans to launch versions for the C Class, E Class and CLS Class models at a later date. Note, if your car is equipped with Distronic or Distronic Plus cruise control, it can’t be fitted with the illuminated star feature.

While even one of the most prestigious companies in the auto industry, Rolls-Royce, offers an illuminated version of its famous hood ornament, we’re hoping this is one trend that doesn’t gain in popularity. Hopefully the 300 euro (approximately $394) price of the illuminated star will serve as a deterrent.