The problem with racing at a professional level is this: if you want to go fast, it’s expensive; if you want to win, it can be exponentially more expensive. In fact, there are very few professional series we can name that give drivers of modest means the ability to climb the ranks without breaking the bank.

The Global RallyCross Championship (GRC) recognizes this, and it knows that growth of the series is the key to its long-term future. To address both issues, GRC will be testing the addition of a new “Lites” class, to be run at select GRC events in 2013.

The Lites class will feature purpose-built race cars, constructed by Olsberg Motorsport Evolution (OME). OME builds GRC cars for drivers like Tanner Foust, Brian Deegan and Marcus Gronholm, and the company has won the GRC championship in 2011 and 2012. In other words, it knows a thing or two about building winning race cars.

Lites cars will be normally-aspirated, equipped with all-wheel drive, sequential transmissions and a fully-adjustable suspension setup. While OME isn’t quoting a horsepower figure, it will be substantially less than the 600-horsepower Supercar class cars run by the series’ top drivers.

Since the Lites class will be a spec series, running cost will be reduced (though that’s not the same thing as “inexpensive”). OME will provide trackside technical assistance and spare parts, paring back the initial investment as much as possible. Ultimately, the goal for drivers will be to win in the Lites class, attract sponsors and progress to the Supercar class.

An open test of the Lites class cars will be run at Elsinore Speedway in Lake Elsinore, CA on January 11 and 12. Look for further details on the cars and on the proposed Lites series in the near future.