BMW's M Performance range has been expanding for a while now in Europe, to the point of replacing the previous Performance parts range.

Now we get some BMW love, American style, with the confirmation of M Performance Parts ranges for the 3-Series and 5-Series.

For the 3-Series, the parts include a new front splitter, rocker panel "blades," a rear spoiler, a rear diffuser, and a range of decals. Inside, stainless steel pedal accents, a carbon fiber emergency brake handle with Alcantara boot, custom floor mats, and, perhaps best of all, a new M Performance Electronic Steering Wheel that brings flat-bottom shape and Alcantara covering to the 3-Series, along with three information modes: Efficient Dynamics Mode, Sport Mode, and Race Mode.

Efficient Dynamics Mode shows real-time gas mileage, average speed, recommended shift points, engine water and oil temperature, and more. The Sport Mode offers a stopwatch, G-force meter, and multi-color LED shift lights. Race Mode adds reaction time, 60-, 330-, 1,000-foot times, and 1/8 and 1/4 mile times, as well as up to 50 lap times with up to 9 sectors per lap.

Upgraded M Performance suspension lowers the 3-Series' ride height by 10 mm, and can be further optimized with M Performance alloy wheels--though they're 20-inchers, so your selection of tires will be somewhat limited if you're into track days. An M Performance Exhaust system promises racier sound and improved performance. An upgraded Brembo brake system rounds out the package, with four-piston fronts and two-piston rears on 14.6-inch and 13.6-inch rotors.

For the 5-Series, an M Performance rear diffuser and carbon fiber front splitter will be offered in early 2013. The fancy M Performance electronic steering wheel will also be offered, and a new M Performance carbon fiber interior trim line will also be available.

While there's no M Performance suspension package for the 5-Series, it does get its own M Performance wheels and exhaust.

Look for more details, including pricing, availability, and images of the U.S.-specific parts, in the near future.