Ivan Jaramillo is our kind of car enthusiast. Not only do we admire his passion for early Nissan Skylines, we agree that an audio system has no place in a car like this. Sometimes, the mechanical symphony of gears, carburetors, linkages and a in-line six-cylinder engine are all you really need.

We’d be happy parking either Skyline car in our garage, but Jaramillo is lucky enough to own a pair of them. His oldest is a Hakosuka variant, also known by the production code C10, which dates the car between 1968 and 1972. This is the cruder of his two cars, which seems to have been modified for track use at some point in its life.

The sleeker of his two Skylines is the Kenmeri variant, produciton code C110, which was built between 1972 and 1977. Jaramillo calls this car “more complete,” though we’re sure it still pales in terms of amenities when compared to a more contemporary automobile.

None of that matters on the right road, under the right conditions. Either car would be a sheer joy to drive, as both harken back to a time when the driver, not the electronics, determined the limits of the car.

We’d love to see more details on Jaramilo’s Skylines, but we can’t argue with the cinematography. Once again, the crew at Petroliscious has produced a masterpiece well worth viewing by enthusiasts of all ages.