This year has not been kind to sports car or race car manufacturers. In August, boutique German sports car builder Melkus announced it was filing for bankruptcy, followed a week later by word that supercar specialist Gumpert was also insolvent.

In October, we learned that niche sports car specialist Artega was closing its doors, followed by news that famed race car constructor Lola Cars would cease operations. It’s no wonder that small manufacturers like the Huet Brothers are proceeding with extreme caution, since the current global economy forgives no errors.

Now it seems that there’s a bit of good news to report: citing an unnamed Gumpert employee, De Telegraaf’s AutoVisie reports that Gumpert’s future has been guaranteed by a new and mysterious investor.

The company itself has yet to confirm the news, and a Gumpert spokeswoman told De Telegraaf, “Currently we cannot say anything about the future prospects of Gumpert.”

That sounds to us like the deal has been approved with a handshake, but not yet signed. Several investors were said to be interested in the German supercar specialist, though it’s not clear if any automakers were in on the bidding.

Assuming the deal doesn’t fall apart at the last minute, we hope to bring you an update on Gumpert’s status next week.