Sometimes, street racing is a good thing, as is the case with the Verva Street Racing spectacular, held annually in Warsaw, Poland. Visitors gets to see some of the world’s best known historic race cars, dicing wheel to wheel on the (disturbingly narrow) streets of Poland’s largest city.

Here, we see former F1-star-turned-Mercedes-Benz-brand-ambassador Mika Hakkinnen driving what looks to be an exhibition run in the 548 horsepower, $430,000 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3. We’ve seen other videos from this year’s event, and let’s just say that not all runs are this carefully choreographed.

The Verva Street Racing festival attracts everything from vintage fire engines through drift cars and historic race cars. Jean Eric Vergne even brought an exhibition Red Bull Racing F1 car to this year’s event, which drew an estimated 100,000 spectators.

Few races in the United States draw that kind of crowd, so our hats are off to Polish racing (and car) fans for their enthusiasm. In fact, the video is enough to get us wondering how we can beg, borrow or steal an invite for the 2013 Verva Street Racing event.

If we can find a way to attend, we promise to bring back ample pictures and video. In the mean time, our friends at TeamSpeed have images and video from this year's event.