Meet Fidget. According to his nametag, he's "one of NASA’s best kept secrets, a key player in nearly all of the Apollo missions and the bot behind the lens of the moon landing pics."

He's also the incredibly clever creation of Tom Simpson, a metal artist who came to this weekend's Goodwood Revivalwith a pick-and-pull army of toy robots, all fashioned from a heap of parts that he swore would come in handy some day. Fidget's body is a piston from a 1960 Fiat; his head's a vacuum body from an old Chrysler; his feet are flathead V-8 valves.



The backstory? Apparently, that all comes from Simpson, and perhaps a beer or two. "Now retired from space travel, Fidget enjoys whiling away the hours restoring old traction engines and playing the Banjo."

Fidget's not alone, either. There's Arnie, a planet-famous circus bot that creates hoax crop circles; Sylvester, a huge Hitchcock fan; and Earl, who fancies a hoedown. All hail from the planet Scrappion, "a planet created from cars and motorcycles parts discarded by Earth’s people."

You're too late for Fidget--he's headed home to HGM HQ for our desktop, where we'll see if there's a sweater from the Marchionne collection that'll fit his teensy body. But what about Lucas? He's a bit of trouble, but as long as you're home before dark, all's well, right?

Check out the Atomic Robot Co. page or visit Tom and his friends on Facebook, and give one a good home.