Corvette fans across the country are familiar with the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where America's greatest sports car has long been built. But the museum is expanding, and part of that expansion includes a motorsports park.

A 2.94-mile road course with various available configurations, an autocross site, and a large skid pad for training and other exercises will be included in the 184-acre facility. According to the Bowling Green Daily News, the museum is looking for sponsors to help finance the next stage of the park's development, however.

Designers for the motorsports park have already been interviewed, with Steve Crawford, an architect out of Seattle, chosen for the job. Crawford has previous experience in the field, having designed Thunder Hill Motorsports Park in California, and Ridge Motorsports Park in Washington.

So far, the museum says about $1 million has been raised on top of the $3 million spent to buy the land for the facility. Individual sponsorships are available in quarter, half, and full acre increments. The museum is also looking for major sponsorships, including General Motors, to help finance the project.

The goal right now is to secure enough in sponsorships to be able to afford a $10 million loan to build the motorsports park. According to museum director Wendell Strode, that means another $750,000 in fund raising.

The target for completion of the project is the National Corvette Museum's 20th anniversary, two years from now, in September, 2014.