This latest video shows what could be an ordinary highway anywhere in the world, and how unpredictable it can be when conditions are less than ideal. In this case, wet weather and possibly too much speed appear to be the cause of a crash involving a first-generation BMW X5 SUV spinning out of control and colliding into other vehicles.

The silver X5 can be seen at the start of the video spinning out of control on a busy highway before sliding across the center divider and into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The resulting crash throws the X5 off into another direction and sees the vehicle hit by the SUV continue on into a roadside ditch.

According to the person who uploaded the video to YouTube, no one was seriously injured in the crash.

Though we can’t be sure of the exact cause of the crash by simply watching this video, it does serve as an important reminder to be extra cautious when driving in less than ideal conditions. 

Thanks Ray for sending in the tip!