Volkswagen built it’s second-generation Golf hatchback from 1983 though 1992, in variants as mild as 54 horsepower and as wild as 207 horsepower (in rare Golf Limited trim). At no time, however, did the designers of the Mark II Golf ponder the question, “I wonder if we can make this car go 200 miles per hour.”

Lucky for us, that exact question popped into the minds of the mad geniuses at Boba Motoring, who are best known for making Volkswagens go faster at the drag strip. The German tuning firm has built Golf variants with over 1,000 horsepower, capable of turning nine-second quarter miles.

According to German Car Scene, a Boba Motoring customer wanted to stretch the legs of his 815 horsepower Mk II Golf, so it found a semi-deserted stretch of unrestricted-speed Autobahn to drop the hammer.

Running less boost (and thus making only 641 horsepower), this MkII Golf hit a top speed of 322 kilometers per hour (200 miles per hour), which is much faster than we’d care to push the limits of a front-drive hatchback, on the Autobahn or on a racetrack. Even in Germany, we're pretty sure this falls into the not-entirely-legal category.

We’re not sure which is more impressive, the whine from the oversized turbo as it spools up, or the velocity at which the car passes trucks in the slow lane. Even if you have an 815 horsepower Golf of your own, do we need to remind you that you shouldn’t try this at home?

Tip of the hat to Warren, for sending us the link.