When Gordon Ramsay isn’t berating lesser chefs into submission, adding another Michelin star to his name or cashing large, television-related checks, the celebrity chef with anger-management issues has a passion for Ferrari automobiles.

Despite being a long-time Ferrari owner, Ramsay had never visited Ferrari’s plant in Maranello, Italy. When you’ve got the kind of connections that Ramsay, does, arranging this is a matter of texting an assistant with the words, “Ferrari, make it happen.”

Not only did Ramsay tour the Italian automaker's production facilities, including the Tailor Made and Atelier shops, but everyone’s favorite Type-A personality even received some coaching on the Fiorano circuit by test driver Raffaele de Simone.

Call us cynical, but we’re sure that de Simone chose his words carefully when instructing Ramsay on the finer points of driving the F12 Berlinetta. Even when he’s not the subject matter expert, we suspect that Ramsey has a hard time accepting constructive criticism.

Ramsay also got to enjoy il Podio, Ferrari’s company restaurant. Perhaps relaxed by his factory visit, Ramsay proclaimed the food “delicious,” much to the amazement of the trembling il Podio kitchen staff.

Jokes about the celebrity chef’s temper aside, what he admires most is passion and perfection, and the Italian brand has a long association with both. While we wouldn’t want to be the recipient of one of Ramsay’s tirades, we can understand where he’s coming from, and certainly admire his hard-earned success.

Anytime your company can meet the expectations of someone like Gordon Ramsay, it means you’re doing things correctly.