While there's already at least one 2012 Tesla Model S in the wild, the official start of deliveries is this Friday, June 22. To show off its all-electric luxury sedan before it starts pulling into owner garages, Tesla Motors has released a final production video of the car, showing the complete model rolling off the assembly line.

The steps here outline the process after the final paint process is complete. The panoramic roof, drivetrain and battery modules, tires, wheels, and badges are installed, and then the Model S enters the testing process.

The battery of tests is fairly standard, including a final inspection on a bamboo-floored, LED-lit platform, where workers ensure body fit and finish. Each Model S is also tested for water-tightness, then, finally, driven through the company's indoor confirmation track. It's the only indoor confirmation test track in North America, enabled by the fact that Tesla's cars produce no emissions.

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Inside Tesla 06.12.12 - Paint from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.