It doesn’t seem possible, but the relationship between Mercedes-Benz and AMG stretches back some 45 years, dating to 1967. Founded by a pair of former Mercedes-Benz engineers, AMG originally developed engines for motorsport competition.

Today, the company is best known for making Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicles go faster, or in some cases, much, much faster. To commemorate a marriage lasting 45 years, a party and a sheet cake seemed inadequate, so AMG cooked up a special version of its SL 65 AMG roadster for 45 lucky buyers.

Details are currently lacking on the 45th Anniversary SL65 AMG, but you can expect it to come with the same forced-induction V-12 that powers the standard SL65 AMG. We’re not complaining, since the engine’s 621 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque won’t prove lacking by anyone’s standards.

Outside, the car appears to be sprayed in a matte gray finish, and we suspect that every conceivable option box has been checked off on the inside. We won’t even venture a guess at the car’s list price, but we’ll bet it’s considerably higher than the base SL65 AMG’s $203,000 price of admission.

Despite that particular obstacle, we have no doubt that Mercedes-Benz will sell all 45 examples to be built. If you want to put your name on one, we wouldn’t recommend you wait much longer to visit your AMG retailer.