Ferrari FF that caught on fire in Poland - Image courtesy Kontakt24

Ferrari FF that caught on fire in Poland - Image courtesy Kontakt24

A Ferrari FF caught on fire earlier this week while it was being driven down a highway near the Polish city of Krakow.

This is believed to be the third time that a FF has caught on the fire, with the previous reported incident taking place on a highway in China back in February and the first during a test drive in Germany late last year.

An onlooker at the latest fiery incident explained to Polish news site Kontact24 that the fire started near the cabin, on the driver’s side of the car close to where the pedals are located.

The flames then quickly spread to the engine bay, destroying most of the exotic before firefighters had even arrived.

As Jalopnik points out, the flames were so intense that they even managed to melt the FF’s reinforced steel A-pillars.

The incident is still being investigated and so far neither firefighters nor Ferrari have made a statement as to the cause of the fire. Interestingly, the cause of this latest fire is likely to be different to the one that destroyed the FF in China as that fire was concentrated at the rear of the car.

You may recall that Ferrari’s 458 Italia experienced a number of fires due to an adhesive in the rear wheel arches igniting under certain conditions. The automaker subsequently issued a recall in September of 2010 to address the issue.