Sporting events like hill climbs are usually the domain of vintage race cars, whose owners drive them according to their value. It may not be an uncommon sight to see a driver in an E30 BMW demonstrating opposite lock, but you won’t see that too often in an obscenely valuable Porsche 917/10.

That’s why we’re so surprised to see a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport running in a hill climb event. While not particularly rare (at least by vintage race car standards), Veyrons are high-cost beasts, and the mere thought of stacking one at speed is enough to give most owners second thoughts about testing the car’s limits.

While Veyrons are astonishingly fast, few would call them nimble, which is an important trait for any car used in competition. If the car gets away from you, you want every opportunity possible to gather it back up before striking something unyielding.

Our hats are off to the anonymous Veyron driver in this video, filmed at England’s Prescott hill climb. We’re pretty sure the driver will be needing his Nomex dry cleaned, though: if the spin wasn’t enough to prompt a loss of bodily-function control, the cost of replacing four flat-spotted tires on a Bugatti Veyron certainly will be.