Even if it is lacking something in the way of inspiration (in our opinion, anyway), the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 is undeniably a masterwork in affordable engineering, making 200 mph and 600-plus horsepower accessible to a wider range of drivers than ever before.

In truth, the 662-horsepower rating of the GT500 doesn't tell the whole story. The big supercharger riding on the top of it takes about 150 horsepower to compress the 14 psi of air into the 5.8-liter V-8. That puts the total output of the GT500's engine, at the crank, at something north of 800 horsepower.

While "only" 662 of those ponies are accessible for forward thrust, it's still an amazing combination of power, speed, handling, and price.

This video gives you a look at the team behind the development of this super-Mustang, including Carroll Shelby, Jamal Hameedi, Eric Zinkosky, Gene Martindale, and more, giving you a peek into their process.