Patrick Long, if you haven't met him, is one of the nicest guys in racing--off the track at least. On track, he's incredibly fast, and as this video shows, he's not shy about overtaking--or pushing a vintage racer to the absolute limits.

Sent in by the owner of the car, Chad, this video shows Long driving a 1969 Porsche 2.5-liter 911ST built out for vintage racing at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. Chad says the car generates 207 horsepower at the rear wheels from its short-stroke 2.5-liter engine, but is otherwise largely stock--no coil overs, no aerodynamics, just a classic 911 with 1970s-level prep.

During the race, you can see Long go all-out (including a corner-exit tank-slapper around 3:40) for the first 3.5 laps or so, before backing off and having some wheel-to-wheel fun with a friend from around 8:30.