Buick is trying really hard to portray itself as a manufacturer of stylish and hip vehicles. To do so, they’ve enlisted the help of an odd cast of characters: first came former NBA great Shaquille O’Neal, talking about the “oh effect” that Buicks can potentially have on passers-by.

Next, it was Ving Rhames’ turn, showing how the actor famous for playing characters not-to-be-messed-with negotiated a deal for a new Buick Regal. While Shaquille O’Neal (or any other former NBA superstar) in a Buick is a stretch for our imagination, Rhames strikes us as the kind of down-to-earth actor who really would drive a Buick.

Now, it’s Marisa Miller’s turn. If she doesn’t look familiar in the above video, it’s probably because she’s wearing too much clothing. You’re used to seeing her in Victoria’s Secret ads, or as a swimsuit model in Sports Illustrated. She’s also been a spokesperson for Harley-Davidson (its first) and Captain Morgan Rum.

Now Miller is pitching the Buick Enclave, and we’ve got to say that we’re just not seeing it. Supermodels married to music producers (Miller’s husband is Griffin Guess) generally don’t drive Buick minivans, no matter how comfortable they are or how many dogs they need to haul around.

We’re not in the advertising business, so perhaps we simply don’t understand the strategy behind Buick’s latest video campaign. From where we sit, though, picking random celebrities to star in semi-comic ads doesn’t seem like the best way to attract a new demographic of buyers.