As the middle child of the Lexus family, the ES sedan doesn’t get a lot of attention. Even its little brother, the IS, gets more time in the spotlight, as Lexus positions the sporty rear-drive IS as one of the gateways to the brand (with the other being the CT200h hybrid).

For 2013, Lexus is looking to liven up the ES sedan a bit, and the luxury automaker will launch an all-new ES model at next week’s New York Auto Show. Aside from the teaser image you see above, Lexus isn’t releasing any details just yet, but it’s clear the new ES will get the same spindle grille as the revised Lexus GS (and the LF-LC concept).

The teaser image looks a lot like the image of the ES250, shot in China, that we brought you last month. If the rest of the car carries over as well, expect the interior to be both updated and greatly improved compared to current ES models. Gone are the acres of black plastic and oddly curved center stack, replaced by a more graceful and flowing design.

Lexus promises that the sixth-generation ES will get a “new dynamic driving experience,” which sounds like revised suspension tuning to us. We say that’s a good thing, since the current ES is just a little too soft, with a little too much body roll, for our tastes.

The 2013 Lexus ES isn’t the only luxury sedan debuting in New York, as Acura has confirmed it will launch its latest RL flagship sedan there as well. For up-to-the-minute information and live pictures from this year’s New York Auto Show, be sure to check out our dedicated show page.