As a driver for the Action Express Grand-Am team, Joao Barbosa gets paid to drive race cars at speeds that would make most sane individuals clutch upholstery, if not curl into the fetal position (as much as lap and shoulder belts allow, that is).

His Corvette Daytona Prototype car is capable of speeds in excess of 185 miles per hour, and a typical day at the office for Barbosa (when testing, at least) probably involves hours of time spent at triple-digit speeds.

For Barbosa, who knows both his own limits and those of his car, this is business as usual. For Barbosa’s wife, who got to accompany her husband on a few high-speed laps of Daytona, it appears to be a lesson in terror, even if he isn’t driving flat out.

We’ve given enough high-speed rides to the uninitiated to know there’s a fine line between thrilling a passenger and terrifying them. For all the drama and screaming, we’d be willing to bet that Barbosa’s wife really is having a good time.

To be on the safe side, however, we’d also recommend that Barbosa remove all the sharp objects from his house, and sleep with one eye open for the next few weeks. Experience tells us that spouses and partners can have a long memory when it comes to practical jokes.