Having already built a Corvette with more than 1,500 horsepower under the hood and top speed bragging rights of 231 mph, Late Model Racecraft has gone out and posted a video of one of its modified Corvette ZR1 supercars running the quarter mile at 9.68 seconds at 147 mph.

This, says Late Model Racecraft, is quick enough to garner the world’s fastest Corvette title, and though there’s no Guinness timekeeper to verify it we say the video is enough to at least make a valid claim.

According to Jalopnik, this Corvette ZR1 is also rated at 1,500 horsepower--at the wheels!--and as you can imagine its sound alone is almost as impressive as its speed.

Some of the modifications include new headers, high-flow catalytic converters, and a fully customized twin-turbocharger setup.

Go ahead and hit play now.