If you’re in the market for low-mileage Mercedes-McLaren SLR, we’ve got some good news for you: Swiss designer Ueli Anliker is selling his personal labor of love, a “slightly modified” SLR that’s sure to be unlike any other at your country club. His asking price for the “Red Gold Dream” is a cool $11 million, and you’d best be really fond of red and gold if you’re even going to consider the car.

The modifications, none of which enhance the car’s performance, include 24 karat gold plated wheels with ruby-encrusted lug nuts, jeweled indicators, a gold-trimmed interior and steering wheel, ruby-covered switchgear, gold plated headlight surrounds and golden door sills. There’s even 11 pounds of gold dust (worth just over $299,000) mixed in with the paint, which has been applied in 25 layers.

Anliker estimates that the material alone cost $5.4 million, and that’s before you factor in the cost of labor. Thirty-five craftsmen spent some 30,000 hours in building the car, and we seriously doubt they were working for minimum wage.

As The Rich Times explains, owning such a ride instills a fair amount of paranoia, so the car comes with both a GPS tracking system (complete with ignition kill) and a proximity alarm that warns onlooker when they get too close. If we bought the car, we’d install a Trunk Monkey right away, but Anliker seems to have overlooked this particular accessory.

Anliker still plans engine upgrades that will bring the car up to 1,000 horsepower prior to the sale. In our opinion, no amount of grunt would be sufficient to outrun all the ugly that surrounds this car, but others feel differently. Anliker has already been contacted by prospective buyers in both China and the Middle East.