If you consider awareness of radar speed traps and checkpoints to be a vital component of your defensive driving armoury, then you may already have heard of Cobra Electronics Corporation.

You'll also know that they're a market leader in radar detection systems, and the company has today announced a new connected community as part of its iRadar mobile app.

Cobra iRadar Community adds an extra level to radar detection letting iRadar users alert other users and share data on live police positions, caution areas, photo enforcement areas and radar traps.

You don't even necessarily need to input the data yourself - when equipped with the dash-mounted iRadar Detector Unit, the system will update locations it detects in real time to share with the community. Cobra says this will allow its driver safety system to constantly grow and improve thanks to the input of its users.

The iRadar Community app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for free from November 1, and will arrive on Android devices soon after.

The iRadar device itself retails at $129.95.