This weekend's deadly 15-car wreck at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway still has the racing world bowing its head in remembrance, while looking at ways to prevent a similarly horrific incident. But even as we all pause in the wake of Dan Wheldon's death, the IndyCar series is moving forward. A new Dallara chassis is due to take the track next season, and it'll bring with it a reminder of Wheldon's career.

According to Autosport, Dallara principal Gianpaolo Dallara wants to name the 2012 chassis after Wheldon as a way of honoring the racer, his career in Indy, and his role in helping to develop the platform. Wheldon had tested the new car extensively, becoming familiar not just with the chassis, but with the people at Dallara, too.

Exactly how the new chassis will bear Wheldon's name isn't yet disclosed, but IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe has suggested the title DW 001.

Like the rest of the racing community, we'd rather see Wheldon driving the car than have it posthumously named for him, but it's a fitting tribute to a talented and well-loved racer.