2011 Lexus LFA

2011 Lexus LFA

After 10 long years at the top, silver has finally been dethroned by white as the world’s most popular color for new cars.

The claim is the result of a study conducted by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of transportation coatings, PPG Industries.

According to PPG, approximately 21 percent of 2011 model-year cars around the world have been white. Silver and black were tied for second most popular at 20 percent.

In the U.S., white is the most popular, featuring on 20 percent of all new cars sold in 2011, followed by silver on 19 percent and black on 18 percent.

In Europe, black remains the most popular with a 26 percent share, whereas in Asia silver remains king with a 25 percent share.

Personal transport is often as much about personalization as it is transport, and choosing a color is part of that process. It turns out that a large portion of the public chooses the same color, but you have to remember that colors can then be divided into different hues and shades--even white, which can feature matte or pearl finishes, or influences of other colors.

Interestingly, PPG also recently completed an online study of consumer opinions regarding the importance of coatings and color as they relate to new car purchases and concluded that only about 30 percent of new car buyers said exterior color was an important factor in their automotive purchase decision.

However, the same percentage--about 31 percent--of new car buyers said they are willing to pay extra for a vehicle that expresses their personality through color, with buyers of luxury and sports cars, as well as SUVs, willing to pay the most extra get the color of their choice.