Today we're deep in Nordschelife territory with the official video of the Dodge Viper ACR's record run and a new video of the record electric car lap from Metropolia's Electric RaceAbout. Beyond that, it's upcoming car news, with hints at the 2013 Nissan GT-R's power upgrades, an exclusive on the arrival of the 2013 Subaru XV, and spy shots of the upcoming 2013 Mercedes-Benz A25 AMG. Check it all out in the links below.

The 2013 Subaru XV is coming to the U.S., and it's bringing some changes with it.

The Dodge Viper ACR's latest record Nordschleife lap is now on video.

The 2013 Nissan GT-R could get a power increase to 570 hp.

Here are five efficient 2012 SUVs you might want to check out if you're looking for a new vehicle.

Chevrolet's next generation of the Corvette, the C7, may get a seven-speed manual transmission to match its codename.

BMW is said to be considering adding a carbon ceramic brake option for the 2012 M5.

Lotus shows off the 2012 Exige S in this new promo video.

We have spy shots of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz A25 AMG.

The Metropolia Electric RaceAbout has set its own electric-car Nurburgring lap record.

How does a new car like the 2012 Hyundai Veloster get from the show floor to the showroom? Find out here.